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Karlene Carper


Wendolyn is a wonderful coach! She is not only knowledgeable in the health arena, but also has a lot to offer in life- coaching. She understands the power of our thoughts and knows how to put that to work in every life area. Her passion is teaching others how to live a better life through the food we eat. I am appreciative the things that she has taught me. 

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I loved the "How to Lose Weight Without Dieting Class".   Wendolyn presents herself well and she's very professional. I like that it’s a lifestyle and I pick the information that’s best for me. I know if I use the tools that are taught I will have the results I am wanting.  



Occupational Therapist

I know this isn't a quick fix and that I have a choice and am changing every aspect of my life.  I learned that life is too short to be beating myself up.  I finally see myself differently and it's love for myself that is bringing happiness.  I no longer turn to food when I'm stressed.  Working with Wendolyn was exactly what I needed to finally love myself and start achieving my weight loss goals.


Lynnette Wakefield

I love that this weight loss plan is not a diet and you don’t have to measure out or weigh everything you do. You don’t have to feel deprived because you’re on a specific diet.   I gave my doctor your business cards and told her that what you’re doing is really good and you’re really good at it and I told my doctor that she doesn’t give you a diet to follow. And she responded diets don’t work anyway. 

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Mitzi Calleros

Keeps me accountable-

I have been through a weight loss journey in the past and this program is reminding me to get back on track again. I didn’t’ realize how much our thoughts and emotions can affect the way we eat. I really enjoyed the’8 traits of emotional hunger’ list. It helped me to see what type of eating habits I have and what I need to do to change that. Thank you!

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Lanie Smith

Such a great & positive experience!  Wendolyn has given me excellent tips and tricks of tackling my food choices and sugar cravings.

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