wendolyn at park

About Me

I love helping people transform their lives.

I am finally living my dream of helping others feel better than they ever imagined.  

  • I coach one on one

  • I teach "How To Lose Weight Permanently" classes

  • I work as a Health/Life Coach for a Functional Medicine Doctor.  

I am so fascinated by the fact that we can change how we feel or change our health by what we eat and think.  There are so many stories out there of how people overcame their health problems and feel better than they ever have.  I have first hand experience of witnessing and becoming apart of this process.  I am so passionate and ready to help you start living your dreams.  

Get to Know Me

I was stuck for so many years desperately trying to feel better...

I have always loved sunshine. I love the way I feel when I bask in its golden rays and how it fills my home with light and warmth. For many years I found myself in a dark place emotionally, unable to feel the sun shining.  I suffered from depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, and constantly feeling overwhelmed.  Occasionally I would find small glimmers of light as I read self-help books, but the darkness would creep back in.  I sought help from medical professionals and counselors   I meditated, I minimized, I joined how to get organized groups, I took different herbs for mood support.  I learned a great deal about myself and my problems were minimized, yet the darkness was always lurking, looking for opportunities to snuff out my sunshine.

I started to believe that there was nothing out there that could help me and that's when I found life coaching.  And my life has never been better.  Through Life Coaching, I have FINALLY achieved the emotional wellness I had been yearning for during the years I spent in the dark.  The sun has never shined as brightly in my life as it does now.  Life coaching has changed the way I deal with anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.  I now experience peace,  healthy relationships, and greater self-confidence.  After all those years of searching for a way to feel better emotionally,  I am empowered and no longer a victim of my own life.  My life is filled with sunshine even when it’s cloudy!  


  • Brigham Young University - BS in Social Work 1987-1990

  • Brigham Young University - Masters Degree in Educational Psychology 1990-1992

  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition -  Health Coach 2016

  • The Life Coach School - Certified Life Coach and Weight Coach  2019-20